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75 years, 75 scholarships

Let's celebrate Israel's 75 years of helping! 

We invite you to join the campaign, 75 years 75 scholarships with the aim of helping students complete their studies at Tel Aviv University.

Investment in education  has been essential to position the country as a world leader in technology, innovation, agriculture, biomedicine and transform it into theStart Up Nation.Tel Aviv University has been key in driving and leading this growth. 

Be part of Israel's growth by helping young people develop their academic potential! 

Meet the beneficiaries of the TAU scholarships: 

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Eitan, Sofaer Global MBA 

“I am one of many other students who would not be here without the help of a scholarship. It is totally necessary and appreciated,” says Eitan, who arrived from Mexico and now lives in Israel.

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Hodaya, nursing 

As the seventh of nine children in a single-parent family, Hodaya did not envision a future that included higher education. “Receiving a scholarship helped me believe that I deserve to be here, that TAU is also my place.” 

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Yakir, Right 

Born in Safed, Yakir hopes to use his knowledge of the law to help workers on the social and geographic periphery of Israel. 

Accounts to make the deposit:


Tel Aviv University (TAU) bank account in Israel



Account Heading (Beneficiary's name):TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY

Account number:8800

Bank Code: 12

Branch Code:778

Name of Bank:HAPOALIM BANKAddress:avivimBranch 43, Brodetsky str. Ramat Aviv Tel Aviv 690523 ISRAEL


WERE GOING :IL74-0127-7800-0000-0008-800


Bank account Friends of TAU Mexico

Account number:01600170453Key:042180016001704536Name:Friends TAU Mexico ACBank:mifel


American Friends of Tel Aviv University website Please select “Your area of interest:” and write: AMIGOS TAU MEXICO



We would love to support you 

Lic Karen Rossow
Director Association Friends TAU Mexico

55 5503 9020

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